How to Increase Event Registration

How to Increase Event Registration

Getting high event registration numbers does three things: it brings you brand awareness, it generates profit, and ultimately, it creates a fun, memorable event for your guests.  Get privy to the tricks of the trade that successful marketers use to promote their events, and never again will you have another empty venue on your hands.


Clearly Communicate the Benefits of Attending

The most important part of selling your event is showing potential guests the value of what you’re selling. Provide three to four benefits of attending like, networking or learning new skills. Other ways to convince registration:

  • Share photos and videos of past events.

  • Publish the schedule/agenda.

  • Highlight guest speakers and sessions.

  • Interview speakers for your blog.

  • Create a “Convince your boss” or “Why you should attend” page on your website.

  • Write guest blog posts on industry sites.


Submit to directories and discovery engines

Discovery sites are great tools for people to find relevant events to attend, and they’re a great way for organizers to promote their event. Some great event directories in Austin are:

When submitting to these sites, include convincing reasons to attend in the description, along with information like dates, locations, times, and parking.


Get Others Involved

Sponsors are invested in the success of your event just as much as you are because, the more people attend your event, the more brand exposure a sponsor gets along with and more possible future clients. Sponsors can support you by:

  • promoting your event

  • using your marketing materials

  • offering their patrons special discounts or offers

This same strategy can be used to cross promote with other organizations or getting attendees and speakers to help promote the event.


Streamline the Event Registration Process

A smooth, quick and easy registration process will keep potential guests on your page longer and get them to register quickly.

  • Optimize your event website for mobile devices.

  • Only ask for the information you need.

  • Make it easy to navigate, with a clean single page format.

  • Make it easy to purchase multiple tickets in one transaction, so guests only have to enter their payment information once.


Create Multiple Registration Types

People love having choices and providing multiple options to attendees entices them to register. Consider offering guests things like:

  • Early bird registration

  • Half day registration

  • Program specific registration

  • Limited access registrations



To put your registration numbers over the top, here are a few other things to consider when planning your event:

  • Choose a location that is memorable, convenient and affordable for your guests

  • Choose a date that works for your audience

  • Don’t compete with similar events (unless you piggyback on them)



Summer Event Round Up

Summer Event Round Up

This summer has been filled with fun, exciting and beautiful events! So many fascinating and interesting people made Vuka their home for their special occasions and we were honored to help make their celebrations memorable. Here’s a fond look back at some of the great events we’ve hosted under our roof (and in our backyard) during the Summer of 2016.





Decorating Your Event with Pumpkins

Decorating Your Event with Pumpkins

There are so many ways to decorate your venue in classy ways for the fall. The warm, beautiful colors of the season can spice up your events and leave your guests enveloped in the festive mood. Natural elements are popular motifs like ... pumpkins! Here are a few elegant, DIY ways to decorate with pumpkins, that aren’t jack o lanterns. They can serve as centerpieces, place card holders or general room decor. You don’t need to be a fairy godmother to turn a pumpkin into something magical...

Click on each image for step-by-step instructions: 

Meet your Event Maestro, Logan

Meet your Event Maestro, Logan

As Vuka welcomes more and more guests, we have brought on new team members to make sure every event goes smoothly. Meet our newest event manager, Logan Taylor. Logan infuses Vuka with her natural hospitality, trust and friendliness. She enjoys making people comfortable and on the day of an event, Logan is the main contact for anyone involved with the affair. “I coordinate with people like wedding planners, conference leads, caterers, security and shuttle drivers,” she says. Having worked different festivals, theater and film shows in the past, Logan knows the importance of good communication when hosting an event. “Anyone who has questions, I am there for that,” says Logan.  She also ensures that the space is clean, organized, well equipped and comfortable, along with making sure everyone is interacting respectfully with the neighbors. We sat down with Logan and asked her a few questions so all of our guests, past, present and future, can get to know her better.


What drew you to Vuka? I felt an uplifting and positive energy when I entered the space, and I like that it is focused on hospitality, warmth and community. I also liked the idea of working events for people who believe in something and want to do good in the world.


What’s your favorite part of Vuka? Every event person, co-worker and staff member has an understanding of being good, respectful, kind and generous. I like working with people to create warmth and community.


What’s your vision for Vuka moving forward? My biggest hope is that our new locations can maintain the Vuka core value system while still reflecting the unique culture of each neighborhood. I also hope we continue to go above and beyond with every event.


What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?  I live really close to Zilker Park so I love going out in my river shoes and walking by Twin Falls in the Greenbelt. I also like running, tennis, frisbee golf, and watching movies.


What’s your favorite food and drink in Austin? I love Shady Grove. It has the best best pulled pork queso. I’m all about the queso in town. It also has really generously portioned Texas Martinis. 


What’s one thing about you that people might be surprised to learn? I really like horror movies. I like films that try to appeal to the nervous system and human physicality. I like the roller coaster of emotions.


What’s your biggest pet peeve?  Lack of honesty and authenticity.


What’s your favorite conversation topic? I love talking about films and pop culture from a human perspective.


Written by Lakhpreet Kaur

Book Your Fall & Winter Events Today

Book Your Fall & Winter Events Today

While many people are chilling out by the pool, you as an event planner, are probably thinking about how they’ll soon be chilling out by jack-o-lanterns and snowflake punch bowls. That’s because you know it’s not too early to start booking space for fall and winter events. Whether it’s a chic wedding or office holiday party, the sooner you start planning, the calmer you’ll be as the big day approaches. And, we would love to be part of that big day.


At Vuka, hospitality is in our nature and we strive to personalize our service. Anna Duke, our charismatic Head of Client Engagement, says she likes getting to know every client personally so she can cater to all of their needs and desires. For Anna, interacting with all of the diverse people who come through Vuka’s doors brings her joy. “My favorite part of working here is all the wonderful people I get to be around all day!”


Brindley Young, Vuka’s Logistics and Client Liaison, says she is driven by creative visioning. “I love showing people how incredible their event can be,” she says. “The coolest part about events at Vuka is how people come together and create positive energy.” For instance, in December of 2016 the Saints of Valory and a high school marching band came together to perform at  Winter Water Land, a benefit for Well Aware. “The collaboration and exchange between everyone took me to a whole new level, mentally and spiritually,” says Brindley.


So, if you want to transform your next gathering into a place where your guests can build relationships and community, Vuka may be the just the place. Like Bindley says, “Vuka isn’t just an event space. It’s a place where people come to be together to be part of something great.”


Written by Lakhpreet Kaur


Women Who Work It

Women Who Work It

On Tuesday July 12, Austin Woman magazine, General Assembly, and Impact Hub - Austin teamed up together to celebrate fierce females at an inspiring event, Women Who Work It: Empowering Female Leaders in Austin.  


Hosted at here Vuka, the space was full of positive energy and quickly became a “standing-room only” event with over 100 women (and some men) excited to learn from and empower each other.


“These are my favorite kinds of events,” said Melinda Garvey, co-founder and publisher of Austin Woman magazine. “I never get tired of events that empower women because... we need to encourage each other with camaraderie and sisterhood. These events foster us to get ahead in the world.”


The highlight of the evening was the panel of trailblazing women including Lizzie Velasquez, Katie Fang, and Courtney Santana.


Lizzie Velasquez has a rare congenital disease which prevents her from accumulating body fat. She  is a motivational speaker and author who focuses on self-love and empowerment. Katie Fang is the founder and CEO of SchooLinks, an education technology start up. At the age of 25, she manages a team of eight and is venture backed.  Courtney Santana, is the founder and executive director of Survive2Thrive Foundation, an organization that provides resources to survivors of domestic violence; Courtney is a survivor herself.


The panelists shared their stories, their struggles and their triumphs with the audience. If you missed the event and wish to be inspired for the first time, or if you attended the event and wish to be inspired again, you can read excerpts of the women's answers below.


What’s your definition of success?

Courtney:  My children are my biggest investment and my mission is to be there for them. My goal is to be their role model by being the best possible woman I can be.

Katie: I want to have an impact and leave a footprint so people who don’t have what I have can have it too.

Lizzie: I like helping other people and I am now in a unique position to use the platform that I’ve been blessed with to tell women that, “You are enough. Be who are you.”


How did you take negative events and make them uplifting?

Courtney: Setbacks are not failures; they are part of my journey. The lowest point of my life became my purpose. I want to show women that there is hope and to keep pushing even when you’re told you’re worthless.

Katie: I was told “no” a lot and told my ideas were bad. It made me reflect and I realized it’s okay to be told “no,” it’s part of life; if you’re not ready to hear it, you’re not ready to be an entrepreneur.

Lizzie:  [In reference to cyber bullying.] I was crushed. I wanted to take control and I didn’t know how. I didn’t want the name callers to define me. I wanted to create my own definition. So, I used social media to open a window to the world. I wanted to show people who I am and my purpose.  


How do you know that you’re taking the right first step?

Courtney:  You don’t know until you are there and moving in that direction.

Katie: I started a private online journal and anytime I doubt myself, I go back and read the words I had written in the past to overcome my setbacks.


What’s the biggest barrier for women?

Katie: Think less and do more. Every single one of us has a unique perspective. Maybe people underestimate us because we are women. Perfect! We can take that opportunity and show them who’s boss! Don’t waste time. Believe in yourself and go forward.

Lizzie:  Accept that there are going to be setbacks. Prepare yourself for the good and the bad. I see my end goals in sight. I am grateful for the good times and the barriers because they push me towards my goals. Accept and embrace barriers and let them teach you. Have the willpower to learn from it and remember, everything happens for a reason.


Who is a woman who made you feel empowered?

Courtney: Ms. Ida, the intake woman at Safe Place. It was a really bad time for me. I was really pissed and I cried all the time. I was so disappointed in myself. One day Ms. Ida said, “Enough. Enough. Get up, get yourself together and move forward.” She helped me realize that there is life after this.

Katie: My mom. She is a strong woman. She founded a company and bootstrapped it...She’s totally my idol; my biggest inspiration.

Lizzie: An eight year old girl Adalia Rose who has Progeria.  She doesn’t care what people said about her. Her desire to live life and make people happy, at such a young age stuck with me.


What can we do to empower other women?

Courtney: I encourage my daughter. I am her biggest cheerleader, and I am there for her.

Katie:  Living by example.  Know what you want, set goals and go after it! Don’t be shy. Our biggest roadblocks are ourselves.

Lizzie: Instead of competing with each other, encourage each other. Instead of resenting other women, be happy for them. You can do it yourself and support the woman who’s doing it too.


 What last piece of advice to you have for us?

Lizzie: We’re not going to change with world without having self-love first. Find your uniqueness and own it. Take it into the world: that is beauty. Let is shine. Trust me, then, you’ll change the world.

Katie: Understand what you want and be shameless. Ask for it.

Courtney: Be destructive. You got to ruffle feathers. Don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter. We are all leaders in our own right. If we kept our ideas to ourselves, the world will not be any different.


Written by Lakhpreet Kaur

Photos by Bold Photography via Austin Woman Magazine's Facebook page

‘Tis the Season: A Look Back at Vuka Weddings

‘Tis the Season: A Look Back at Vuka Weddings

If you love love even half as much as we do, then you probably get excited every spring when wedding invitations start flying through the mail. Of course, nuptials and celebrations of love take place year-round, but there’s something in the air this time of year that keeps Vuka filled to the gills with cake and champagne each weekend. Here’s a fun, fond look back at some of the beautiful unions we’ve celebrated under our roof (and in our backyard!) over the past few years.

Weddings at Vuka

If you’re tying the knot soon, we tip our hats to you and wish you every happiness. If you’d like to raise the roof at Vuka on your big day, get in touch with us and let’s figure out how to make it all as special as can be.

Written by Amy Lynch
Photography: Zach & Amanda's Wedding (May 2016 enews, second row far right), Sunny 16 Photography

Meet Your Duchess of Sales, Anna Duke

Meet Your Duchess of Sales, Anna Duke

Since Vuka offers itself as many things to many people -- event venue, wedding space, corporate retreat environment and community gathering spot, to name a few -- it takes a bit of planning and effort to customize each gathering to its hosts’ needs and wishes. With such a welcoming and memorable physical space in which to hold special occasions of all kinds, it takes a special person with a heaping helping of hospitality, creativity and organizational acumen to deliver on the promises we make. That’s where Anna Duke comes in, as Vuka’s self-proclaimed “Duchess of Sales,” acting as the connective force that brings people in and gets them all set up for their big day (or night).

With a vivacious personality and infectious sense of humor, Anna is well known in the Vuka community for her verve and quick wit. All that infectious vitality makes perfect sense in a role designed to introduce event hosts to the variety of sights, sounds and experiences our event space offers, and as a result, Anna’s been keeping our calendar full of happy people hosting their events in our space time and time again.

Since Vuka is so deeply rooted in its sense of community, we’re offering an opportunity through our blog and newsletter for people to get to know our team members better as individuals. This month,, we sat down with Anna and talked about her thoughts on her job, her city and what it takes to make a special gathering memorable (hint: it involves fire).

Anna’s favorite part of her role at Vuka:
Easy -- all the wonderful people I get to be around all day!”

Her favorite things to do on the weekends:
I live within walking distance to Vuka in a great spot. I have a lot of friends and family who come to visit me, so I love spending time with them walking down Congress and acting like a tourist.”

Her absolute favorite food/drink in Austin:
“That is liking asking a mother who her favorite twin is. Let's do this by geographical  area. In my hood, I love South Congress Cafe's frozen lemonade with a Deep Eddy grapefruit floater. On the eastside, East Side Showroom and Fukumoto for eats and drinks are my go-to's, and downtown, I love sneaking into Firehouse for a great cocktail or feeling like Rose from the Titanic at the Driskill.”

On what she recommends for an out-of-town visitor who only has 24 hours to experience the city:
Wake up at Hotel San Jose, get a Tacodeli breakfast taco and a turbo at Jo's, paddle board Town Lake, take a dip in the Springs, head to Rainey for some day drinking and Pizza at Via 313, go freshen up, watch the bats (it's actually pretty cool), catch a show at Continental Club, then head to the eastside for some late night dancing at Volstead. Finish this normal Wednesday in Austin at Magnolia Cafe.”

On the most important thing to consider when getting people together, whether it's for a meeting, a party, or any other kind of gathering:
“ I recently went to a house party with a fire thrower. I believe having a person risking their life for the guests’ entertainment is key. Also equally important is the music because whether it be a baby shower, my nana's 90th birthday party or a simple girls night in, there will be dancing!”

Her favorite quote and why it means something to her:
"To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.’ -Eckhart Tolle // These past couple of years have been amazing for my growth and awareness . I know we are all more than the vehicles we are perceived as, and that makes me very comforted to realize we are all One.”

The one thing about Anne that people might be surprised to learn:
“That I play the drums - and very well... jk, I’m getting there.”

Written by Amy Lynch

Growth Spurt: A Sneak Peek at Vuka’s New Locations

Growth Spurt: A Sneak Peek at Vuka’s New Locations

Building on our commitment to bring people together to connect, share ideas, grow together and celebrate life’s special occasions, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of Vuka and Impact Hub Austin to two new locations in addition to our flagship address on Monroe Street in Bouldin Creek. Our north location will materialize later this year at North Lamar and 2222, while our third location will open adjacent to the St. Elmo development near Congress and Stassney in early 2017.

Vuka at North Lamar

Offering coworking, office and event space, both new locations will embody the same friendly spirit our original home already does, with repurposed local materials, a warm and welcoming vibe and plenty of smiling faces doing big things. In particular, one of the many fun aspects of the St. Elmo location, known collectively as The Yard, is the fact that so many phenomenal local businesses will share the land with us. From a winery and a distillery to maker and artist studios, The Yard will hum with creative activity day and night, offering Austin’s small business owners a vibrant local hub where we can connect and commiserate with clients, customers and the community around us. And likewise, our Lamar location will offer coworking, office and event space options for our neighbors to the north, providing a serene and supportive home away from home in their very own neighborhoods.

For more detailed information about pre-leasing office space and pre-booking events, email For a sneak peek at some early renderings and floorplans, click here.

Written by Amy Lynch

A Look Back at SXSW 2016

A Look Back at SXSW 2016

March is never a boring month in Austin, when the big top known as South By Southwest comes rolling into town with all its big ideas, new connections and nonstop parties. At Vuka, we see our share of events both under our roof and in our backyard each year, so here's a fond pictorial look back at SXSW 2016, complete with all sorts of faces, flavors and fun. 

What’s Up with Well Aware

What’s Up with Well Aware

We can’t help but shower this Austin-based nonprofit with praise.

We throw a lot of amazing events at Vuka, from weddings and birthday celebrations to product launches and nonprofit fundraisers. One of our favorite events from 2015 was the Well Aware holiday celebration, which brought together a group of thoughtful Austinites who work together throughout the year to bring access to clean water to those around the world who have none.

While water well projects by no means need any introduction to the public consciousness, what sets Well Aware apart from the pack is its efficacy rate, which has remained at 100% since the organization was founded in 2010 -- something no other water-focused nonprofit has yet attained. What’s more, Well Aware has doubled its project capacity every year, thanks to growing teams of experts who ensure its projects are completed on time, with integrity, and with the most cost-effective use of donor dollars. And soon, it will begin counseling fellow organizations to support them in being more effective in their efforts as well.

This spring, Well Aware has once again launched its annual #ShowerStrike campaign to raise funds to implement new clean water projects in places that desperately need them. With the goals of driving economic growth and nurturing self-sufficient communities in the areas where the wells are built, the Well Aware team and its partners have embarked on a lofty mission: to raise $150,000 through this year’s effort.

For every $10 raised, clean water is provided to one person for 25 years. Given the facts that up to 2,000 children die each day from waterborne diseases, that the average distance a woman in Africa must walk to collect water is four miles, and that clean water is the foundation for education, gender equality, disease eradication and economic stability, it’s easy to see why the Well Aware team is so resolute in its sense of purpose.

To join Well Aware in its pledge to provide as much clean water to as many people as possible, the Vuka family invites you to make a difference and get involved in #ShowerStrike by donating or participating in any way you choose. To learn more about Well Aware, click here. To donate to the cause, click here.

Photo Credit: Well Aware

Meet Your Logistics + Client Liaison, Brindley

Meet Your Logistics + Client Liaison, Brindley

Even in a space as laid-back and organic as Vuka, it takes a lot of effort to keep things running smoothly. Since we opened our doors in 2012, the evolution of our community from a simple event space to a much larger and more heavily utilized hub (with a coworking community growing within its walls!) has been something to behold. To keep up with the day-to-day business of running a vibrant place for people to gather together and celebrate life, it takes a team of dedicated people who love what they do --- and who know just how to get things done.

Since 2013, Brindley Young has been a part of the Vuka family, having first come on board as an events and coworking coordinator and naturally emerging into the role of logistics + client liaison. The energy she brings to work with her each day is contagious, and we’re not just talking about her adorable pup, Brando. From her deep sense of empathy to her ability to roll with the punches and adapt to new challenges as they arise, she’s an inspiration to everyone she works with.

Since Vuka is so deeply rooted in its sense of community, we’re offering an opportunity through our blog and newsletter for people to get to know our team members better as individuals. For starters, we sat down with Brindley and talked about her thoughts on her job, her city and what it takes to make a special gathering really sing.

Brindley’s favorite part of her role at Vuka:
“I love being around others. Learning their stories."

Her favorite things to do on the weekends:
"Anything out in nature with Brando. Frisbee. Hopping in the water. Fires. Dancin'. Wandering."

Her absolute favorite food/drink in Austin:
“Avocados are my absolute favorite food and I'll eat em' with just about anything, try me! Restaurant wise..I'm a huge fan of Snack Bar's brussel sprouts and Picnik's incredible breakfast tacos!”

The one key thing she always recommends for out-of-town visitors:
“I would recommend that they see or do whatever they are feeling. So maybe not a particular place but to follow their intuitions throughout their time here.”

What she says is the most important thing to consider when getting people together, whether it's for a meeting, a party, or any other kind of gathering:
“Music is key! When I'm around a group of folks, I love it when everyone is who they are and we all just live in that moment.”

About her sweet pup, Brando:
“Brando has a sweet soul, adorable little freckles and is currently undefeated in our staring contests.”

One thing about Brindley that people might be surprised to learn:
"I have discovered much about myself and others through listening, being aware of my feelings and having a desire to explore. I also love to make random little food creations and share them with other people." 

Photo Credit: Brindley Young